Participation at ISCC 2018 – Natal/RN

25/07/2018 15:07

LaPeSD, in partnership with the Institute Federal Catarinense/Brazil, Federal Institute of Santa Catarina/Brazil, INESC-ID & Instituto Superior Técnico/Portugal, University of Porto/Portugal, Santa Catarina State University/Brazil, Itaipu Technological Park/Italy, Federal University of Sergipe/Brazil, Federal University of Pampa/Brazil, University of the Planalto Catarinense/Brazil, RIKEN/Japan, and Kyushu University/Japan, has participated and presented four research works at IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2018) in Natal/RN. The following papers were presented during the event:

  • A Method to Verify Data Integrity in Graph Databases
    Fabio Miranda Reina, Hylson Vescovi Netto, Luciana Rech, Aldelir Fernando Luiz
  • Koordinator: A Service Approach for Replicating Docker Containers in Kubernetes
    Hylson Vescovi Netto, Aldelir Fernando Luiz, Miguel Correia, Luciana Rech, Caio Pereira Oliveira
  • Experimental Evaluation of the Coexistence of IEEE 802.11 EDCA and DCF Mechanisms
    José Betiol Júnior, Jim Lau, Luciana Rech, Francisco Vasques, Ricardo Moraes
  • REPO: A Microservices Elastic Management System for Cost Reduction in the Cloud
    Alex Magalhaes, Luciana Rech, Ricardo Moraes, Francisco Vasques
  • An e-Health Study Case Environment Enhanced by the Utilization of a Quality of Context Paradigm
    Débora Nazário, Mario Dantas, Douglas D. J. Macedo
  • KNOWLEDGE OBSERVATORIES AND THE PROMOTION OF INTELLIGENT TERRITORIES: The Case of the Network of Expertise and Innovation of the Tecnological Park of Itaipu
    Denilson Sell, Alessandra Batista, Jose Todesco, Carlos Roberto De Rolt, Biamca Costa Amorim, Mario Dantas, Maria Angelica Jung Marques
  • Evaluating the Tools to Analyze the Data from the ParticipACT Brazil Project: A Test with Elasticseach Tools Ecosystem with Twitter Data
    Eliza Gomes, Daniel Penz, Viviane Gomes, Carlos Roberto De Rolt, Mario Dantas
  • Towards a Hybrid Storage Architecture for IoT
    Braulio L. D. C. Junior, Douglas D. J. Macedo, Diego Kreutz, Edward David Moreno, Mario A. R. Dantas
  • IORE: A Flexible and Distributed I/O Performance Evaluation Tool for Hyperscale Storage Systems
    Eduardo C. Inacio, Mario A. R. Dantas
  • Proactive Autonomic Semantic Engine to User Experience-Aware Service Provision
    Madalena Pereira da Silva, Felipe Volpato, Mario Antonio Ribeiro Dantas
  • Characterizing I/O and Storage Activity on the K Computer for Post-Processing Purpose
    Eduardo C. Inacio, Jorji Nonaka, Kenji Ono, Mario A. R. Dantas, Fumiyoshi Shoji