M.Sc. Defense – Pedro Penna

08/01/2018 17:25

Pedro Henrique de Mello Morado Penna has earned his master’s degree in Computer Science from PPGCC/UFSC on 01/08/2017. His M.Sc. dissertation entitled “BinLPT: A Workload-aware Parallel Loop Scheduler for Large Scale Multicore Platforms” was advised by professors Márcio Castro and Patricia Plentz. The jury was composed by the following professors: Jean-François Méhaut (University of Grenoble Alpes), Rômulo Silva de Oliveira (PGEAS/UFSC), Luiz Cláudio Villar dos Santos (PPGCC/UFSC) and Laércio Lima Pilla (PPGCC/UFSC).